What can I say about this week’s song of the week? Tom Jones’ “Delilah”. Who over the age of thirty hasn’t heard this classic with its infectious “you can’t help but sing along” chorus. On more than one occasion I have heard a sigh or a swoon from some of the ladies in my chair fitness program as they can’t help but recall the crush they had on this handsome sexy singer. Not to leave out the men of course, they love it too! I should note that there is a rather gruesome third verse that many don’t seem to notice unless they pay attention to the lyrics but in the writer’s defence, I don’t think it was meant to be literal. I’ll leave it there so you can listen for yourself. I never noticed these words until I recently paid closer attention. 

You can check out the song  here .

You can check out the song here.

This tune is a fabulous set list selection guaranteed to inspire loud vocal participation and smiles of recognition particularly from our older adult audiences. It always adds a boost of energy! Why, why, why? Play’ll see!